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"Scott is the 'to go to ' guy! His vast knowledge, insight, support and advice are invaluable. When I booked Cassius in JULIUS CAESAR, Scott helped me prep. I walked into rehearsals feeling solid and ready to go!"



I'm constantly amazed at how I'll think I have a handle on a monologue and that I "own" it until I bring it in to be coached by Scott. In a short time, it is turned on its head and many more new discoveries made. Scott brings a wisdom to his coaching that helps you discover the character and impetus behind their words in ways you didn't think to consider on your own. And he's right there with you on the journey: helping you to make the story come to life by digging deep into your own parallel circumstances, those truths of human nature, to connect with the character. I consider it to truly be a monologue workout! After working with Scott, I'm completely confident in my monologues and find myself looking forward to the opportunity in auditions to act and share the characters' stories.



Scott is a great coach! During his workshop he gave strong, perceptive, and to the point direction. He brought new life to my standard pieces, and kept my acting abilities in top shape. His about the business session was just as on point as his acting workshop. He gave very personable advice, and strong guidelines to work by, and get me started.

Acting Intern 2010
Cincinnati Playhouse


The WhiteRobin Group is a collaboration of two phenomenal artists not only professionally and artistically, but spiritually. I have studied with Scott and booked a job after working with him. I have also worked with Angela very closely who helped coach me during our time together at the Color Purple. I had an audition for Sweet Charity and with Angela's help, I booked my first Principal Role opposite Molly Ringwald as Helene. Angela and Scott are amazing at what they do, generous artists with an unrelenting commitment and dedication to the art form. I highly recommend their work. You too can reap the rewards and grow leaps and bounds under their tutelage. I am so glad they are teaming up as the WhiteRobin Group to share their brilliance with the art community!

Founder The Francesca Harper Project

In the business of show, it is a rare occasion to have the opportunity to work with artist who are giving in every aspect of their art-form.  I had the great privilege of sharing the stage with Ms. Robinson in The Color Purple. To work with an artist so grounded, rich and open allowed us to create unforgettable moments in a historical work used to transform many lives. While touring with The Color Purple, I penned a play entitled, The Sisters of Roswall High. Through this process Scott Whitehurst not only took the time to read the play but met with me to unveil  various thoughts on the structure of the play and  the many options to consider while breathing life into the characters.  Angela gave her time, tirelessly, portraying  one of the characters in the play. She was the catalyst for me continually examining the characters making sure they were birthed into fully crystalized beings. From the guidance, artistry and skill of Angela and Scott the play is currently a semifinalist in The Eugene O'neil Festival. Here I speak of two gifted, loving and talented artist who only seek to assist in the development of great art and artist.

Lion King (Mufasa),
The Color Purple (Mister)


I began working with Scott 4 years ago, upon deciding to get back into acting after several years away from it. Although enthusiastic, I found it daunting to restart. Scott was just the coach I needed: he helped me pick the right projects and roles to pursue and armed me with excellent monologues. We got my resume into shape to include my many achievements and broad talents I would've left out on my own. He guided me on how to bring the utmost professionalism in the audition process: including how I present myself and stay focused, calm my nerves, and maintain perspective on the audition. Soon, I was getting callbacks and booking projects. Scott helped me think outside the box and realize my potential. I no longer get hung up on all the usual paralyzing aspects of pursuing acting. He's helped me get out of my own way and be the professional actor I wanted to become.



Scott Whitehurst really changed my life. I think that often this phrase is thrown around, but Scott really changed mine. Scott taught me a lot about the power of positivity, and enabled me to break a lot of the patterns that were holding me back, both in my career and in my life. Scott helped me better market myself, by offering great suggestions for change and styling advice. He taught me what makes a great headshot, and where to get one. He offered me many great monologue suggestions, and gave me clues on how to find new and rare material. Scott showed me countless auditions for which I should be submitting, and after taking his advice, I was seen a lot more frequently by casting agents and artistic directors. Scott taught me to believe in myself, and gave me the tools that I needed to succeed. I always knew, and still know, that Scott has a vested interest in me. He is one of the kindest, most giving people I have ever met. Since working with Scott, I have worked in international theater (Florence, Italy), returned to performing in Musical Theatre, and am now in Graduate school pursuing an MFA in Acting, all goals that Scott and I set together.

MFA Grad Student
Univ Texas at Austin


There are those we come across in a lifetime whom one is more than Blessed to know, those who are faithful friends and family, committed and talented artists, God-respecting, wise, creative and focused. I graciously speak of my Brother and Sister Scott Whitehurst and Angela Robinson. They are guiding forces in this business called Show! It is indeed an honor to know them. It is more than an experience while in their presence. Trust them with your artistic endeavors -you can't go wrong.

Darryl Reuben Hall
Executive and Artistic Director
Stage Aurora Theatrical Co.


Angela and Scott are two of the people who you want to be closest to when they are in the room. Their spirit and energy makes you want to know their “joy of life” secrets.

I have had the artistic pleasure of being on stage with Angela and watching Scott in a number of roles of the classical thespian and experiencing incredible performances from each of them.

I have taken private coaching with Scott in the past and recently completed the
WhiteRobin Scene Study Intensive. Both were amazing. Being in a room one on one with Scott and learning as he imparts the gift he has to teach what acting “is” is tremendous. Not only his wealth of knowledge but his way of grooming the individual artist to their craft is exceptional. To see Angela and Scott work as a team creating a space where artist can safely hone their craft and glean from their years of experience is an amazing opportunity.
Be in the number!

D’Ambrose Boyd
Actor ~ Artesian