I Can't Move

I can’t move. I have so much I want to accomplish but my desire to accomplish those things and my desire to sit here and watch television, sleep, talk on the phone or online are in a constant fight. I should be learning a new monologue, writing, working on a dialect. I should be investing in my spiritual growth. I should be doing all these things but I can’t move. How do I get out of this rutt? How can I merge my deepest dreams and desires with the way I live my daily life? If I’m really an artist with goals and aspirations, why does my life not say that? I want to be who I say I am but I can’t move.

That paralyzed feeling happens to artists all the time for many reasons. The path to success doesn’t happen fast enough so we give up and sit down. There is a creative block so we stop creating for a moment and that moment leads to hours, then days, months and sometimes years. Eventually someone will call with an appointment and this forces sudden feeling in our legs. Illness, depression, financial hardship, the reasons for artistic paralysis are endless, however there is an easy solution. JUST BEGIN!

Don’t worry about all the stars being aligned. Don’t wait for there to be nothing interesting on TV, all bills to be paid or a completed to do list. Simply choose this moment to BEGIN. Take it one day at a time. Sit with your fingers on the keyboard until something comes, go for a walk, to the gym, meditate. Just BEGIN to get back on the path that once brought you so much joy and fulfillment. Just BEGIN to be grateful for this new start. Just BEGIN today to let yourself off the hook. Don’t beat up on yourself for anything. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Loved, forgiven, desired, embraced, divinely gifted. The world is waiting for the song, book or play you will write, the dance piece you will set. The world is waiting for you to dig deep and be the creator you were born to be. Just BEGIN to pray daily for guidance. Just BEGIN! You are equipped with all you need, to do the work you were born to do. JUST BEGIN.