Tunnel Vision or Balance

I don’t want to go to parties, catch up with friends or see a movie that does not involve what I do. I attended conservatory, I only read trade papers and only watch shows or read books that feed me in my business. Most people tell me I have tunnel vision and I say what’s wrong with that? My career is ALL that matters to me.

Every successful person has tunnel vision at some point in their career. It’s difficult to hold on to laser beam focus, so when you have it, there’s nothing better. Now the work begins. The work is to also hold on to balance. There is a good argument that to really be successful you must jump fully in the deep and not see anything but the prize. That argument is a very good one except it limits what you can bring to your art. At times we compare ourselves with athletes who win gold metals and championships. Those athletes speak often about how tough they trained and how they had the eye of the tiger. The eye of the tiger is great as long as when the prize is won you’re not left feeling like there’s no one around to appreciate it with you. Embrace your friends, they will hold you up and motivate you. Love your family, they will be there whether you win or lose. Welcome love in your life. You may think it will be a distraction but it may actually enhance your work. Unlike an athlete, all of your life affects your art. The painting is limited when you have little life experience to paint about. Your work is deeper based on your experience. This doesn’t mean you must experience everything in order to have a feeling about. It simply means that the experiences you have will deepen your work as a dancer, singer, actor, writer, inventor, sculptor, ARTIST. You can’t live in a glass bubble and expect to create beyond the glass bubble. Your imagination coupled with life experience can lead to an interesting and beautiful artistic creation.