What If

What if, they don’t like me? What if they do like me? What if my voice cracks? What if they actually hire me? There are so many questions that go through our minds.

When we have auditions, meetings or worse, when we’re home waiting for the phone to ring. Do not waist another moment of time and energy on What if. Spend energy affirming positive things. We project all sorts of things that may or may not happen and we don’t live in the present moment. Why not do your best work, feel whatever you feel about that and move on. Enjoy lunch with a friend, the bus ride home, the music on your ipod. Enjoy every moment of your life. The advantage of being an artist is that we truly see and appreciate the beauty in things most would miss. We have to be present to appreciate it though. When you’re busy projecting, you’re losing hours or even days of living. Live your life and trust that your blessings are yours and they will surely come. While you’re waiting instead of What if, try I am. I am talented, I am prepared (if you are), I am living in every moment of my life today. Every moment of my life, not every moment of my audition. Live your life and you’ll have much more to bring to your art.