The Next Level

I have been a working artist for years. But I woke up this morning and realized I’ve been doing it all these years at the same level. Everyone I started with seems to have moved forward. I’m still struggling. I’m still pretending it’s ok to struggle for my art. I’m still telling myself they sold out and I’m the authentic artist who wouldn’t compromise. Yet, when I see all the things happening for them I can’t deny a part of that success was my dream. No change in my personal life either. I need to grow up, move on; but I don’t know how to do that and still be an artist. This is all I know. I can’t give up now. Transition is never a word I thought I would consider. What do I do with my life? Will I ever reach the next level?

There will always be a next level—for the early career artist, for the working artist, for the star. Don’t place deadlines on your life. Your journey is yours and yours alone. You cannot compare your career to anyone else’s. If you have been fulfilled in your life, that is success. If you have shared your art with others and they have been blessed by it, that is success. Don’t be discouraged by the traditional ideas of success. Nothing about the life of an artist is traditional. You are special. You create for a living.

Be careful not to get caught up in envy and judgment. You cannot judge the authenticity of another artist because they choose to do a job you wouldn’t do. Judgement and envy can lead to BITTERNESS and Bitterness is never good for spiritual wellness.

If you are feeling like you’ve had a great time but its time to move on, you are not abandoning your art or the artistic community. Some things are only for a season and maybe your season for doing what you’ve been doing the way you’ve been doing it, is over. Open yourself up to the possibility of doing things differently. In opening yourself up, you allow space for new visions, new ideas, and new desires. You are an artist, so you will always be creative. A change can bring even greater fulfillment. Don’t waste energy trying to figure out what the change is.
LISTEN to your heart and your deepest desires. LISTEN and be open to new things. Remember, the next level can be a peaceful transition. The next level is not a promotion or a bigger part. The next level is a deeper use of your gift. A layering of what you’ve done to what you’re about to do. Continue to grow, learn and find joy in creating and the Creator will always provide all you need. May you enjoy every moment of all that awaits you. Your Latter can indeed be greater than your past. Eyes Up and Ahead!